A Night in the Hospital After A Morning of Ankle Replacement Surgery

My total ankle replacement surgery with the Wright Inbone 2 ankle required only a short 2 1/2 hours. I wouldn’t have known because I was out cold. All I remember was them putting a mask over my nose and mouth, telling me to breathe and then waking up with a massive splint on my leg. Yolanda is by my side and tells me everything had gone well. Being very thirsty, a nurse brings me water […]

Ankle Replacement Final Prep and Almost Getting My Surgery Nixed

Pre-op Preparations After returning home from winterizing our cabin in western Colorado and getting a chance to photograph some Fall Color, it was time to begin the final prep for my ankle replacement surgery. I had received specific instructions from the Vail Hospital and Dr. Clanton’s office. Their goal is for a successful surgery with the least possibility of complications and especially infection. Other than any prescribed medications, I was to quit taking all anti-inflammatory […]