Ankle Replacement Final Prep and Almost Getting My Surgery Nixed

Pre-op Preparations After returning home from winterizing our cabin in western Colorado and getting a chance to photograph some Fall Color, it was time to begin the final prep for my ankle replacement surgery. I had received specific instructions from the Vail Hospital and Dr. Clanton’s office. Their goal is for a successful surgery with the least possibility of complications and especially infection. Other than any prescribed medications, I was to quit taking all anti-inflammatory […]

Next Steps Toward Ankle Replacement Surgery

After my decision to have total ankle replacement surgery performed by Dr. Thomas Clanton, the foot and ankle specialist at the Steadman Clinic in Vail, he gave me a prescription for the special CAT scan of my ankle and lower leg that would be used to fabricate the implant and guides particular to my ankle and tibia. This is one of the essential next steps toward total ankle replacement surgery using the Inbone 2 device. […]

The Decision: Total Ankle Replacement Surgery vs Ankle Fusion. Arthroplasty vs Arthrodesis

Disclaimer– This blog is not meant to convey scientific information. It is only my understanding of some of the things I learned as I researched the difference between ankle replacement surgery versus an ankle fusion and my decision for my ankle replacement. You have to apprise your condition, your desired level of activity post-surgery and especially you need to do the research and talk with your orthopedic surgeon to determine what is best for you. […]

A Grim New Reality -My Steps to Ankle Replacement Surgery

To Help Others Understand– I’m writing this blog to help those either going to have or are contemplating having Ankle Replacement Surgery. There’s not a lot of info out there on what to expect especially about the recovery process. What’s out there, a couple of good blogs about the entire ankle replacement surgery process and what to expect were written eight and nine years ago so some updating is in order.  Here’s an entertaining one […]