Surgery on My Ankle Two Months Later

It’s been two months now since surgery on my ankle at the beginning of October and I couldn’t be happier. Sure my ankle is still stiff and there’s continued numbness around my toes. But, the pain from the end stage ankle arthritis I was suffering has ceased completely. I continue to get physical therapy and religiously do my exercises at home, adding more as my ankle replacement improves. I saw Dr. Clanton at The Steadman […]

Transitioning to Shoes After TAR Surgery

It’s been a somewhat challenging couple of weeks. Now that I’m over six weeks out from my TAR surgery, I’ve been able to achieve the next phase of recovery. I’m now out of the walking boot and into hiking boots pretty much full time. Transition Protocol I’ve been following the protocol given to me by Dr. Clanton at The Steadman Clinic that has a two week procedure for moving fully into a shoe. It hasn’t […]

Four Weeks After My Ankle Replacement and I’m 100% Weight-bearing!

Two Weeks of Physical Therapy and I Lose the Crutches. It’s been two weeks now of PT and four since my ankle replacement surgery and I’m 100% weight-bearing! It’s been a cautious fourteen days with a gradual increase every two days of the amount of weight I put on my new ankle replacement. I’m very happy. I couldn’t have anticipated how easily everything has gone. I have religiously been doing the exercises Matt, my physical […]

Beginning Ankle Replacement Physical Therapy

My Two Week Follow-up With Yolanda driving, we arrive at The Steadman Clinic for my follow up appointment two weeks after my ankle replacement surgery. I crutch, to coin a verb, down the hallway lined with photos, jerseys and thank you’s from many of the famous professional athletes The Steadman Clinic has fixed over the years.  Injured skiers are there in spades. Football, basketball, hockey and soccer players from around the world have been returned […]